National Eisteddfod pavillionCoal Creek Eisteddfod
Literary Competition

Awards to be given during
2005 Coal Creek Miners' Festival

WHO: Briceville and Lake City Elementary School Students





An eisteddfod (pronounced A-steth-vod) literary competition will be held in honor of the Welsh coal miners who settled in the Coal Creek watershed after the Civil War.  “Eistedd” means “seated”.  The festival reaches a climax when someone is announced as the winner of the eisteddfod chair (cadair in Welsh).  This is a writing competition based on a specified topic.  In our case, the topic is, “the Coal Creek miners”.  Participants write an essay or poem on the topic and then it is put in front of a judging panel that chooses the winner.  All entrants must have a fake name so as to surprise even the judges when the winner is revealed and only then do all involved find out the winner of the chair.  One of the judges, dressed as an ancient druid carrying a sword, will pronounce the winner who will then sit in the ceremonial chair.


Essays or poems written about the Coal Creek miners should be submitted to your teacher by Monday, May 9th, 2005.  The competition will be part of the Coal Creek Miners Festival from May 19-21, 2005.


Three finalists from each school will be selected before the festival.  You will be invited to attend the Coal Creek Miners Festival in Lake City where winners from each school will be selected and announced during a ceremony.




One of the ways the Welsh coal miners celebrated their language and culture was through annual eisteddfod festivals.  In 1890, the Welsh held their festival in Knoxville and in 1891 it was held in Chattanooga.  They reported having Welsh coal miners from 10 different states participate in literary competitions at those cultural festivals, known as the Dixie Eisteddfod.  The winner of the 2005 Coal Creek Eisteddfod Literary Competition from each school will be given a ceremonial chair and a cash prize of $100.
For more details, contact Carol Moore at (865) 584-0344 or

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Coal Creek Eisteddfod Literary Competition, May 2005

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