October 28, 2000

It started out as a chilly, foggy October morning in the mountains of Coal Creek, Tennessee, but the sun shown through by the time 50 volunteers had made a big dent in scraping old paint off the Briceville Community Church to prepare it as Item "M" of the historic landmarks on our Coal Creek Motor Discovery Trail.  Gutters were cleaned and leaves were swept.  

Some of the volunteers took on the Tennessee Hollow site to remove trash and debris that has been dumped in the woods.  A "mountain" of trash was transported down to Blue Hole.  

By lunch time, everyone had worked up an appetite, which was a good thing, because the local church ladies cooked up some good food.  Thanks to all the volunteers for their great effort.  

Check out the photos to see all the action:

(Click on image to view larger version)

Trout Unlimited and Lake City Chamber volunteers with their "trash mountain":

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Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, Anderson County officials, Trout Unlimited and caring citizens work on the sprucin' up of the historic Briceville Community Church.

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SCPD12.JPG (117631 bytes)

SCPD13.JPG (132601 bytes)Community volunteers:  Joe Leinart, Carl Leinart, Lydon Weaver, and Mark "Hollywood" Whaley pose after eating lunch at the Friendship Center

SCPD15.JPG (94714 bytes)Anderson County volunteers: Lewis Ridenour, Environmental Enforcement Officer; Jim Leinart and two deputies pose for us during work on the church.

SCPD16.JPG (65504 bytes)Coal Creek ladies cooked a great lunch for the volunteers:  
Ladies L to R:  Rosemary Phillips, Zenith Bailey, Margie Brown and Della Daugherty. (two little helpers in the back)

Don't worry if you missed out on this work
day, there are more to come and 
lots more work to get done!  
Keep watching the web for future activities.


Cynthia Aslinger

Eddie Aslinger

Ethel Aslinger

Zeneth Bailey

William Bates

Homer Bell

Tammy Bolinger

Brian Bostic

Dale Bostic

Lynn Bostic

Ralph Bowlin

Jane Brooks

Margie Brown

Wilfred S. Brown

Charles Buffington

Larry Cooper

D.L. Dabney

Della Daugherty

Ovie Daugherty

Roy Daugherty

Hobert Davis

Quincy Donaldson

Perry DuPree

Anne Garcia

Gary Goley

Lisa Lawson

Carl Leinart

Dennis Leinart

James Leinart

Joe Leinart

David Lickliter

Jessica Long

Carolos Lowe

Curtis Lowe

Wiley Maloney

Kenneth Martin

Leonard Merrell

Carol Moore

Rosemary Phillips

Wally Pressley

Robert Poore

Mary Rhea

William Rhodey

Kreis Selvidge

Boyd Smith

Charles Smith

Jason Stallings

Alice Weaver

Lydon Weaver

Mark "Hollywood" Whaley

Paul Wilson

David Wise

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