Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Garbage Bag, a Doughnut, and a PROMISE!
 Over two dozen volunteers showed up in the rain and fog
to pick-up trash and litter from the
Fraterville Miners' Memorial Highway (Highway 116) throughout
the historic Coal Creek area


Since the road conditions were too dangerous and lots of the ditches where trash would be collected were knee-deep in rain, we chose to accomplish something differently.  When the students showed up, they signed-in, got them a Krispy Kreme doughnut, and a garbage bag. They each made a promise to take their large garbage bag and collect trash somewhere along a roadside after the weather cleared.

It was foggy and raining on this Saturday morning, but we still had lots of students get out of their warm beds to show up at Briceville School to beautify their community and earn credit towards our Coal Creek Scholarships.   Sadly, like all across America, there are a lot of folks who choose to throw their trash out along roadsides.  Each spring Coal Creek students volunteer and learn to take care of their own community.  We hope the students can teach others not to trash our world.   Along with former Briceville School students, volunteers included Anderson County inmates and members of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation (CCWF), Clinch River Trout Unlimited,  and folks who just think this is an area worthy of being clean!



Volunteers gathered at Briceville School on this early, wet, foggy
Saturday morning to reclaim the beauty of the
Coal Creek Watershed and work for a scholarship


Chad Whitaker, Mickaela Barker Jeffery Housley,
Barry Thacker and Daniel Freeman

BACK ROW: Nathan Cox, Nick Cox, Charles Cox, Tallen Roldan, Paul Long
FRONT ROW:  Katie Tidwell, Carol Moore, Drew Payne and Javen Payne

Carol Moore and Drew Payne

Volunteers from Anderson County Sheriff's Department and Carol Moore

Carol Moore, Katie Tidwell, Javen Payne, Tallen Roldan,
Nick Cox, Drew Payne and Paul Long

Carol Moore, Holley Smith and Barry Thacker

Sister and brother Drew and Javen Payne. Drew was
awarded a scholarship in 2014 and continues
her community service.

Volunteers included:

Mikaela Barker
Charles Cox
Nathan Cox
Nick Cox
Daniel Freeman -- Clinch River Trout Unlimited
Jeffery Housley
Paul Long
Carol Moore -- CCWF
Drew Payne
Javen Payne
Tallen Roldan
Holley Smith
Katie Tidwell
Barry Thacker -- CCWF
Chad Whitaker


Let us know if I left your name off the list or misspelled your name.


The Spring Cleaning event began as an idea from Coal Creek Scholar April Byrge as she rode the bus home from school one day in 2005 .... "I have noticed a situation that has grown really out of hand in Coal Creek - litter.  There is not one square foot of unpolluted ground from Anderson County High School all the way to my house.  I have to look at this everyday on my way home from school.  I have to say, it hurts to see a place so dear to me being destroyed by its inhabitants.” 

Recognition from State Senator Randy McNally:



A big thanks goes to Anderson County Sheriff's Department and their volunteer inmates who worked through the rain and fog to pick up a lot of trash!

Thank you Gary Long, Director of the Anderson County Highway Department for supplying  safety vests and Geoff Trabalka with the Anderson County Solid Waste Management and Keep Anderson County Beautiful program for directing traffic and coordinating the inmates great work.

We appreciate the Anderson County Sheriff's Department for allowing inmates to volunteer.

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