Coal Creek's
Rev. Roy Daugherty receives
Anderson County, Tennessee Community Hero Award
18 November 2003

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Rev. Roy Daugherty

We already knew he was a hero, but it is now official, Rev. Roy Daugherty has received the Community Hero Award from the Anderson County Health Council.  In an impressive field of 41 competitors, Rev. Roy won the award for his volunteer work that makes a difference every day in the lives of Anderson County residents.  Six broad categories of volunteers were:  education, health/mental health, public/social service, church, recreation/sports, and other volunteer work) 
The most impressive characteristic of Mr. Daugherty is that he is unselfish in his desire to improve the quality of life in the Coal Creek watershed.  He just does these things because they are the right things to do!  Even when his actions and decisions are not popular with the whole community, he has the courage to do what is right for the safety and betterment of the community.  He has been the leader in this community to get all these things accomplished.  He not only recruits volunteers to help on these work days and projects, he convinces the church ladies in the area to cook for the volunteers on these work days.  He knows if you feed them, they will come.  The numerous newspaper articles and TV news reports highlighting these projects attest to Rev. Daugherty’s accomplishments.  Specific details can be found at  
As was stated in the nomination submitted by Mayor Rex Lynch, CCWF President Barry Thacker, PE, and Carol Moore: "It is an honor and a privilege to recommend Rev. Roy Daugherty for the Anderson County Community Hero award.  As a founding member of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation, Inc., he has had a tremendous impact for the good in our lives, but most importantly, in the community.  In this age where many communities are shouting for the government to take care of their problems, there is no other community in Anderson County that has had more volunteer community improvement projects going on in the past few years than Briceville.  Rev. Roy Daugherty has been the “go-to” leader of this community to make good things happen."

Rev. Roy at the podium after being named a winner.

Rev. Roy surrounded by some of his Coal Creek fans.

Left to right:  Anderson County Mayor Rex Lynch (one of Roy's nominators), Della and Roy Daugherty.

First prize was a smooch from his gal Della.

Rev. Roy being congratulated by Rick Morrow, Executive Director of Anderson County Health Council.

Rev. Roy and his Coal Creek friend and fellow volunteer Carl Leinart.

Link to story in the Oak Ridger newspaper

Link to Tennessee Volunteer story in Knoxville News-Sentinel

A few of the projects Rev. Roy has been a big part of have included:


Flood prevention – organizing Deadwood Removal Days to get volunteers to clear dammed bridges to reduce flooding.  In the past, people have died from flooding in Coal Creek.


Coal Creek bank stabilization, which won a national award from FEMA.


Illegal trash dump clean-up, which won TDEC’s 2002 Aquatic Resource Preservation Award.


Restoring the historic Briceville Church built by Welsh miners in 1800s – Recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Renewing interest in the rich coal mining history to encourage jobs through tourism.  The East Tennessee Historical Society gave its Award of Distinction to the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation.


Recruiting health and dental care for the children and community.


Teaching children the value of staying in school and going to college to be able to take care of themselves and their community.


Restoration of the old Briceville Ball Park for the children and families to have a safe gathering place.


Teaching hunter safety training classes and safety regulations for ATV riders and much more.


Organizing neighborhood watch program to discourage illegal trash dumping, burglaries, meth labs, etc.

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