Coal Creek Health Day
24 October 2003

The third annual Coal Creek Health Day at Briceville School was a great success.  Dr. Hiroshi Toyohara, retired Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Casey, and Dr. Bob Greer, Dentist (all three are members of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited) recruited other doctors and medical personnel to provide basic medical and dental exams for Kindergarten through Fifth grade students.  Other physicians generously donating their skills and time were Dr. Stewart Jennings, Dr. Henry Long, and Dr. Hooper Stiles.

Registered nurses, lab technicians and volunteers provided eye chart exams, blood pressure checks, glucose checks, height and weight checks among other items.  They were a great help!

New toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental examining mirrors were given to all students.

Reporters from local newspapers including The Oak Ridger, Volunteer Times in LaFollette, and the Clinton Courier News attended and made the kids feel important.

TVA volunteers Charlie Saylor and Tiffany Day, and John Thurman and Barry Thacker from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited treated the kids to creek exploration between doctor and dental visits.  Tables were set up at the creek to display fish and critters found in Coal Creek that flows by the school.  They taught the kids how checking the health of the creek and checking their own health are related.

Check out the photos to see how we learned health can be fun!
Click on image to enlarge:

Aronica Boyle (who is a dental student and Lady Vols cheerleader) with Bob Greer, Dentist, and a few of the kids showing off their clean teeth. Dr. Greer says, "Say, AHHHHH".  Volunteer Bonnie Hooks is pictured in background.
Pat Smith, LPN/MXT (in jacket in rear) and volunteer Flo Buffington (seated) with the kids waiting on their blood pressure checks

Left to right:  Volunteers Nicolette Kapolka, Bob Laws, Mitzi Laws, and Brian Duncan in the clinic lab

Volunteers Pat and Jim Kerns assisted with giving the kids their eye chart exams

Nurse Tonya Cox measures the height of one of the students Nurse Sherry Coffield and Dr. Henry Long with a sweet little patient
Dr. Stewart Jennings checking the heart of a Briceville student Dr. Robert Casey with a bright young lady
Dr. Hooper Stiles and nurse Kindra Nathan with a grinning young man Nicki Kapolka does a little finger stick to check glucose level
Volunteer doctors Robert Casey, Stewart Jennings, and Hiroshi Toyohara That finger prick didn't hurt so bad!
Nurse Kindra Nathan checking blood pressure (L to R) Volunteer nurses Sherry Coffield, Tonya Cox and Pat Smith with Pat's daughter
How would you like to walk into a doctor's waiting room that looks like this? Students running back to the school from the clinic.  I think they prefer the creek...
Checking out the health of Coal Creek:

TVA volunteers Charlie Saylor, Tiffany Day and John Thurman collecting aquatic life to bring ashore to show the kids what is living in their creek.

TVA's Tiffany Day has plenty of help carrying her bucket full of aquatic samples



Check out my little fish.....

How about this crawdad!?

Look at these little hot dogs!

Barry had them waiting in line to learn to cast with a fly rod and tie a fly.

Barry with a couple of his heroes -- McKayla and Victoria Oak Ridger reporter Beverly Majors interviewing one of the students
Dr. Hiroshi Toyohara reviews the students' charts after their exams.  He makes notes as to the students who will need follow-up care with their physicians.  Thanks to Dr. Toyohara for organizing the medical personnel for this very important event in Coal Creek.

See The Clinton Courier photo

The Oak Ridger article 10/28/03

The Courier News 10/29/03


Boyle, Aronica (Dental Student)
Buffington, Flo
Casey, Robert (MD, TU)
Coffield, Sherry (Nurse)
Cox, Tonya (Nurse)
Day, Tiffany (TVA)
Duncan, Brian (Lab Technician)
Evans, Nancy (Nurse)
Greer, Bob (DDS, TU)
Hooks, Bonnie
Jennings, Stewart (MD)
Kapolka, Nicolette (Nurse)

Kerns, Jim
Kerns, Pat
Laws, Bob (Lab Technician)
Laws, Mitzi (Nurse)
Long, Henry (MD)
Moore, Carol (CCWF, TU)
Nathan, Kindra (Nurse)
Saylor, Charlie (TVA)
Smith, Carleen
Smith, Pat (LPN/MXT)
Stiles, Hooper (MD)
Thacker, Barry (PE, TU, CCWF)
Thurman, John (TVA, TU, CCWF)
Toyohara, Hiroshi (MD, TU)

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