Coal Creek Health Day
25 October 2002

Generous, smart, and amazing doctors, dentists, lab technicians, nurses, medical personnel, and civilian volunteers showed up to make the second annual Coal Creek Health Days successful.

Thanks to Dr. Hiroshi Toyohara, Cardiothoracic Surgeon who worked for East Tennessee Cardiovascular Surgeons Group and is now retired, and Dr. Bob Greer, Dentist for recruiting their buddies and colleagues.  Dr. Toyohara and Dr. Greer are also members of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  We had some of the most highly skilled medical staff show up to provide these needed services.  Pediatricians volunteering their time included Dr. George Zirkle, Dr. Henry Long, Dr. Walter Beahm, and Dr. J.H. Stiles.

Celeste Evans from Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville arranged for student volunteers to assist us.   They did everything from provide eye chart tests, assisted the Trout Unlimited Volunteers in the creek, and the corralling of kids.  They were a great help!

The students at Briceville School were provided medical and dental exams. New toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental examining mirrors were give to all students.

Ms. Cruise from Anderson County's local Channel 12 came to film the event. She did a great segment on the day and really boosted the confidence of the kids.  

TVA volunteer Charlie Saylor, and John Thurman and Barry Thacker from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited treated the kids to creek exploration between doctor and dental visits.  Tables were set up at the creek to display fish and critters found in Coal Creek that flows by the school.  The kids got to see what lives in the creek and how it is a reflection of the health of the creek. 

Check out the photos to see how we learned health can be fun!
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Medical Exams:
Blood pressure and eye chart exams were set up at the school.  The kids then went to the clinic for medical exams.
Dentist Robert Greer visited each classroom to check the children's dental health.  The kids thought Dr. Greer's light reminded them of the Coal Creek miners' lights.
Coal Creek Watershed AmeriCorps*VISTAs
Kylene McLucas and Emily Robinson assisted Dr. Greer.
The health of Coal Creek was checked by the Charlie Saylor from TVA,and John Thurman Trout Unlimited volunteer.  Fish shocking was provided by equipment from TVA, a seine was then used to gather the fish and bug specimens for examination by the students.    Tables were set up creekside, when the rain started in the afternoon, specimens were moved inside the gymnasium for all to study.  A demonstration of fly tying was provided by Barry Thacker of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation and Trout Unlimited.

Allen, Stephanie

Beahm, Dr. Walter

Botner, Louinda

Clements, Toni

Coffield, Sherry

Duncan, Brian

Evans, Nancy

Hooks, Bonnie

Hughes, Whitney

Laws, Mitzi

Laws, Robert

Long, Dr. Henry

McLucas, Kylene


Moore, Carol

Overall, Aaron

Rasmussen, Carl

Robinson, Emily

Saylor, Charles

Smith, Karen

Smith, Patsy

Stiles, Dr. J. H.

Thacker, Barry

Thurman, John

Toyohara, Dr. Hiroshi

Wolfenbarger, Angela

Zirkle, Dr. George

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