Briceville Elementary School

"Make BES the best!!"


"Engineering Better Readers"
(EBR) Kick-Off Assembly


WHO: Stakeholders in the Coal Creek Scholars Program who are interested in educating a new generation of community leaders for the Coal Creek watershed in Anderson County, TN. 

Coal Creek Scholar Ricky Bailey
telling 4th & 5th graders how he
acquired his love for reading
at Briceville School

WHAT: Stakeholders are invited to attend the “Engineering Better Readers” (EBR) kick-off assembly at Briceville Elementary School, sponsored by Geo/Environmental Associates, Inc., Knoxville, TN.
WHEN: 9:00 am until 10:00 am
on Friday,10 February 2012
WHERE: Briceville Elementary School, 103 Slatestone Road, Briceville, TN  37710, which is located 3.5 miles southwest of Lake City off Highway 116 (Fraterville Miners’ Memorial Highway).
WHY: Briceville students have participated in the Coal Creek Scholars Program for the past 12 years.  In elementary school, students learn to take pride in the rich mining history and ecology of the watershed.

While in middle school, they participate in the restoration of the American chestnut on mine land reclaimed by the Forestry Reclamation Approach.  High school students participate in community service projects to qualify for college scholarships, as twenty-nine of them have done. 

At the 10th annual Coal Creek Scholars Day event in December 2011, college students from Briceville told fourth and fifth graders that a love for reading was the most important thing they learned at Briceville School, which prepared them for college.  The EBR initiative will provide incentives for all Briceville students to become avid readers.

HOW: Teachers at Briceville School are purchasing prizes, which will be hidden behind a curtain in the school cafeteria and unveiled at the kick-off assembly.  They are also developing a scoring system for the reading software package Big Universe, so students who become avid readers can earn points and buy prizes.

Do you know that Briceville students provided motivation and assisted in research for a book being written by Dr. Eirug Davies of Harvard University?  That book, The Cymry Welsh of Tennessee, is scheduled for publication in Wales this summer.  Imagine the thrill of reading a book that chronicles the exploits of members of your community from long ago, and students from your school, while earning points to buy a prize.

The Welsh Cymry of Tennessee
(promotional cover)

Anderson County Board of Commissioners'
Resolution to be presented to
Briceville School

The EBR program has been pilot-tested at schools in Houston, Denver, and Newark, as described at  Patty Bachner from Engineers’ Leadership Foundation will attend the kick-off assembly to describe the success of EBR and how it has improved reading scores at other schools.

Anderson County Commissioner, Tim Isbel, will present the school with a resolution at the assembly to recognize its efforts, and those of its students, in preserving the rich coal-mining history of Anderson County.     

Award-winning author and retired Knoxville News Sentinel senior writer Fred Brown will explain how a love for reading led to his successful career.  He will also describe the latest book he is writing about Coal Creek mining history.  

Crissy Haslam, First Lady of Tennessee, offers
her support for the EBR initiative and expresses
appreciation for the hard work of Briceville
teachers, administrators, staff, and students.


Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, Member of Congress from Tennessee’s 3rd District,
congratulates students and teachers for this fun and innovative way to
promote the importance of reading.

For questions or additional information, please contact Carol Moore at (865) 584-0344 Ext. 102 or

Finally, a new highway historical marker will be proposed to honor Condy Harmon, a Briceville student from long ago.

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