Briceville Park is ready to open for business...

On a sweltery July morning, volunteers mowed grass, cut weeds, branches and vines, removed an old fence, installed horseshoe pits, laid out the ball field, and mounted historical memorabilia at the Briceville Park picnic shelter.  We then “tested” the horseshoe pits with a game and the picnic shelter with a cook-out.  Everything is ready for the grand-opening next Saturday, July 17th at 11:00 am. 
Fresh mow job Weed-eating the fence boundary Cheerfully pitching in
Barry works along fence line
Hanging the memorial board Buzz and Roy trying to decide who is in charge
Larry Poore did a little sweating along the fence line

Buzz and Eva designing the horseshoe pits

Tammy, and the Poore sisters carrying buckets of wood and weed scraps to the pile

Trout Unlimited volunteer Hiroshi (watch out for the Poison Ivy!) Toyohara

Hiroshi and Steve Brown decide it is about lunch time

Shane cooks up hamburgers and hotdogs

Let's eat and sit in the nice shade of the new picnic pavilion

Nice view of cleared out fence line

Clyde, Owen (Pap) Bailey, and Rev. Roy chat about the old days at the ballfield

Most of the day's volunteers pose at the entrance after a long, hot, useful morning

Click here for more info on the restoration of the historic Briceville Park

Volunteers included:

Bailey, Zenith

Bolinger, Tammy

Brown, Steve

Buffington, Buzz

Bullock, Jenna

Bullock, Lori

Daugherty, Della

Daugherty, Rev.Roy

Duncan, Elsie

Elliott, Clyde

Moore, Carol

Phillips, Rosemary

Poore, Amber

Poore, Larry

Poore, Selicia

Seidner, Shane

Strange, Eva

Thacker, Barry

Tinker, Brenda

Toyohara, Hiroshi

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