Saturday, December 14, 2002

On a cold, wintry day in the Coal Creek Watershed of Anderson County, Tennessee, Santa Claus visited with over 150 children.  It took a lot of work for him and his helpers to arrange the special visit that took place in the Briceville Clinic, but it went great.  Check out the photos below to see the reaction of a few of the children and their families.

Click on image to enlarge:

With historic Briceville Church in the background, the line formed to visit Santa

Some were a little nervous about seeing the Jolly Old Elf

Others were more laid back and just interested in getting their tummy full

Others were not happy at all with the big fella

Barry Thacker recruited (aggravated) a few of the boys to help with boxes

As we all know, some kids would rather play with the boxes than the toys

This guy may not have been happy with his gift.  He did not want his photo taken and announced, "I am NOT in a good mood!"

Some of the many volunteers who helped Santa Claus

Barry with Coal Creek Scholars Michelle Lindsay and Kristie Braden

Nurse Pat Smith, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Robert Fehr

Two volunteers in the "girls" gift room

  Photos courtesy of the Coal Creek Watershed Foundation

Many people and groups made this happy day possible for the kids with their
contributions and the gift of their time.  A few of them are listed below:

Dr. Robert Fehr and staff and friends

Photographer Jim Hackworth

Briceville Health Clinic

Nurse Pat Smith and family

Lynn, Dale, and Brian Bostic

Pat Carson

Oak Ridge Reservation Chapter NMA

BWXT Y-12, L.L.C. Public Relations staff on behalf of Sandra Plant and Mark Neuhart


Christine Smith

Sandra Sipe Carpenter

Salvation Army of Oak Ridge

John and Cathy Thurman

Buzz and Flo Buffington

Dick Geiger

Sarah Weeks

University of Tennessee Alumni Affairs Staff

Ekem Lartson

Kathy Ferowich and daughters

Mark Fly

Geo/Environmental Associates Staff

Coal Creek Watershed Foundation

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