4th Annual Coal Creek Health Day
29 October 2004

Lots of photos of the day shown further down page

Students at Briceville School tell us that Health Day is their favorite day of the school year.  The fourth annual Coal Creek Health Day was no exception.  Dr. Hiroshi Toyohara, retired Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Casey, and Dr. Bob Greer, Dentist (all three are members of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited) recruited other doctors and medical personnel to provide basic medical and dental exams for Kindergarten through Fifth grade students.  Other physicians generously donating their skills and time were Dr. Stewart Jennings and Dr. David Rankin.

Dr. HIroshi Toyohara and nurse
Jennifer Mays give a free health
examination to a Briceville student

Dr. Robert Greer checks out the
dental health of student

Registered nurses, lab technicians and volunteers provided eye chart exams, blood pressure checks, glucose checks, height and weight checks among other items. 

New toothbrushes, dental floss, and dental examining mirrors were given to all students.

Reporter Stacy McCloud and cameraman Chad McDaniels from Channel 8, WVLT-TV (CBS) produced a news report of the event which starred 2nd grader Paul Long, the “Bug Boy”. 

"Bug Boy" being interviewed by
Stacy McCloud and Chad McDaniels

Charlie Saylor and John Thurman teach
the students about the critters
found in Coal Creek

TVA volunteer Charlie Saylor and John Thurman, Dick Geiger, and Barry Thacker from the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited treated the kids to creek exploration between doctor and dental visits.  Tables were set up at the creek to display fish and critters found in Coal Creek that flows by the school.  They taught the kids how checking the health of the creek and checking their own health are related.
Click on images from the day below:
In no special order, see medical and dental exams with doctors and nurses, learning about critters in Coal Creek, tying flies, learning casting techniques, showing lots of clean teeth, and lots of photos just because they are cute!
Principal Tom Braden starts the day off with a big hug!
Nurses Sherry Coffield and Nancy Evans give eye chart exams
Hugging the hall monitor will get you a free pass everytime!


1st grade teacher Ms. Martin with a few of her boys showing their teeth

Dr. Greer set up his dental exam room in the school library

Nurses Jennifer and Kindra were loved by all the students Dr. Jennings (L) and Dr. Toyohara (R) giving one of many exams

Students split time between exams and fun at Coal Creek that runs right beside their school

Barry teaches casting techniques
Learning the more critters you find in the creek is a barometer of the health of the creek
Dick Geiger, President of the Clinch River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, teaches the students how to tie flies resembling real insects

TVA's Charlie Saylor lets the students hold and
examine the critters temporarily removed from the creek




Dr. Robert Casey with one of his patients for the day

TU member John Thurman made sure the reporter made it down the creek bank safely


Environmental science lessons about the health of Coal Creek

Stacy McCloud interviewing Paul the "Bug Boy"
Dr. Greer with his assistant for the day, Victoria, who made sure everyone received a toothbrush, dental floss and examining mirror
The boys had to show us their "football huddle"
Nurse Angelia checked height and weight of each student Volunteer Dr. David Rankin with a satisfied patient
More satisfied patients relax after their exams A few seemed to be trying to escape before their exams

Shot of volunteer doctors, dentist, lab technicians, and nurses enjoying their lunch break in Briceville School cafeteria

Lab techs performed blood and urinalysis when requested by doctors

Boys will
be boys

School staff made the day go smoothly

Have you hugged your nurse today?

Nurse Susan let the students listen to their own heartbeats

Thanks to the great volunteer staff!


Casey, Robert  (MD)
Coffield, Sherry (RN)
Davis, Angelia  (RN)
Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Brian  (LAB TECHS)
Evans, Nancy  (RN)
Geiger, Dick  (TU)
Greer, Bob (DDS, TU)
Jennings, Stewart  (MD)
Moore, Carol (CCWF, TU)

Morehead, Sheila (RNCS)
Nathan, Kindra  (RN)
Rankin, David  (MD)
Saylor, Charlie  (TVA)
Smith, Pat  (RN)
Thacker, Barry PE,  (CCWF,  TU)
Thurman, John  (TU)
Toyohara, Hiroshi (MD, TU)
Anderson County Health loaned equipment
Remote Area Medical donated dental supplies


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