Call for Volunteers!!

Assist in planting
bare-root seedlings
on reclaimed mine land
to celebrate Arbor Day 2009

Saturday, 4 April 2009

WHO:         Volunteers interested in converting mine land reclaimed with grasses to forestland suitable for restoring the American chestnut

WHAT:       Plant over 1000 bare-root oak and American chestnut seedlings as part of a demonstration project

WHEN:       8:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 4th

WHERE:     Leave from Briceville School and carpool to planting site off Highway 116 near Moores Camp and Devonia.  Don’t be late.  We leave Briceville School at 8:00 am sharp and will return to Briceville School by 3:00 pm.  (See map below). 

HOW:         Sharpen your picks and shovels, and bring what you have.  Wear work boots, gloves, and planting clothes.  Bring your own lunch and water to drink.  We will cancel in the event of rain.

WHY:         We will be planting bare-root seedlings on a mine site reclaimed several years ago by traditional methods (i.e. the site was capped with compacted soil and then grass was planted).  The site will be ripped with a dozer to loosen the compacted soil prior to our planting event.  Data gathered from planting bare-root American chestnut seedlings will be added to data being gathered from direct seeding in 2008 of American chestnuts on the Zeb Mountain mine site that was prepared by the Forestry Reclamation Approach (i.e. loose, rocky spoil surface with no compacted soil cover).  When blight-resistant American chestnut hybrids are ready for planting in a few years, we plan on having adequate data to make informed decisions on planting techniques and locations. 

Data gathered from the Arbor Day 2009 planting event will also tell us if this and other mine land reclaimed by traditional methods in Tennessee can be converted to sites suitable for planting American chestnuts. 

Please contact Carol Moore at (865) 584-0344 or to RSVP and for questions.  Again, we will cancel in the event of rain.   Additional information on the restoration effort and “go-no go” notification in the event of rain can be found at